Global Sandy Soils Conference

Adelaide, South Australia – 2025

2025 Global Sandy Soils Conference – Adelaide, South Australia

The upcoming Global Sandy Soils Conference in Adelaide, South Australia in 2025 aims to address the unique challenges and opportunities associated with sandy soils. With approximately 900 million hectares of sandy soils worldwide, particularly in arid or semi-arid regions, it is crucial to focus on this soil type’s management and fertility. Despite their extensive cultivation, sandy soils often possess low fertility, which poses a significant concern for global agricultural practices.

This conference recognises the limited research attention given to sandy soils as a group and seeks to fill this gap by bringing together leading experts from around the world. With increasing pressure on land resources, there is a growing need to understand and quantify the properties of sandy soils. The conference will provide a platform for researchers, scientists, policymakers, and industry experts to share insights, present cutting-edge research, and discuss innovative strategies for managing sandy soils effectively.

The Global Sandy Soils Conference in 2025 will facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among the participants. By leveraging the expertise of international experts, the conference aims to advance the understanding of sandy soils and explore sustainable approaches to enhance their fertility and productivity. This event will play a crucial role in addressing the challenges associated with sandy soils and offer valuable insights into improving their management, thereby contributing to global food security and sustainable land use practices.